Welcome to our Hands-on Garden

L’Avenir Estate’s Hands-on Garden was recently inaugurated by Advini President Antoine Leccia and L’Avenir Managing Director, Naretha Ricome. This inspiring event featured L’Avenir’s vineyard team, Stellenbosch legends, such as former L’Avenir winemaker Francois Naude, Pebbles Project partners and next generation winemaking leaders.

The Hands-on Garden was developed to honour the skillful workers that have for generations made an invaluable contribution to the Estate and its wine. This multi-faceted space was created by L’Avenir’s employees and forms a striking and symbolic passage from our Pebbles Afterschool Care Centre to the cellar and Single Block venue.

The Hands-on Garden embodies L’Avenir’s values of humility, commitment and performance. With a definite focus on developing the next generation, the Garden is true to L’Avenir’s name – which means “the future” in French. Vineyard management forms part of L’Avenir’s in-house curriculum at the Pebbles Afterschool Care Centre, whereby learners gain a better understanding and appreciation of vineyard management.

“The Hands-On Garden personifies the spirit of L’Avenir and is a beautiful expression of the commitment, precision and determination of our team. We are especially proud of our vineyard manager, Leigh Diedericks, who played a key role in this extraordinary creation,” explains Naretha Ricome.

Visitors to L’Avenir are invited to enjoy the scenery and authentic artworks Tafi Myenga. The garden is a comfortable stole away from the cellardoor and and ideal opportunity to enjoy the dynamic spirit of L’Avenir, with a glass of Pinotage in hand. The Hands-on Garden is also adjacent to L’Avenir’s helipad, which provides for a striking view from the sky, for groups arriving by helicopter.


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