L’Avenir takes precautionary measures to prevent Covid-19 infections

In line with strict measures implemented by President Cyril Ramaphosa to limit the potential spread of Covid-19, L’Avenir Wine Estate has temporarily closed its Cellardoor facilities for tastings and estate visits.

This precautionary measure was implemented this week. “We stand in solidarity with the Stellenbosch wine industry and its people. Our people and visitors are the heartbeat of this business and extraordinary steps needed to be taken to protect them,” explains Advini South Africa Managing Director, Naretha Ricome.

The 2020 harvest has recently been completed and winemaker Dirk Coetzee and the winemaking team are very excited about the quality of this vintage. “The winemaking has luckily not been influenced and we are still able to do what we love – craft Stellenbosch Pinotage and Chenin Blanc,” assures Coetzee.

L’Avenir’s operations team are still also fully functional and are able to process orders and requests. Extraordinary precautions have been put in place at L’Avenir’s Boutique Country Lodge, where limited rooms enable the lodge’s management to take extra precautions to protect guests.

“L’Avenir’s name means ‘The Future’ in French. It’s with this future-orientation that we wish to encourage our partners and supporters that have all been impacted by the virus and its immense economic effect. South Africa has achieved miracles by standing together in solidarity and overcoming Covid-19 will be no exception,” says Ricome.

Visit the link below for a message from our winemaker, Dirk Coetzee:


Winemaker Dirk Coetzee and the winemaking team are still fully operational, following the very promising 2020 harvest.
Dirk & Leigh

For more information contact Dr Edo Heyns – Advini South Africa Strategic Development Manager: Edo.heyns@advinisa.co.za