L’Avenir lives: Madelyn Lambrechts

With a warm and welcoming smile and infectious laugh, Madelyn Lambrechts is an invaluable part of L’Avenir’s hospitality team and cellardoor experience. True to L’Avenir’s heritage and specialisation, she absolutely adores Pinotage, which is totally reflected in her brilliant ability to sell our Single Block flagship.

Madelyn started working at the L’Avenir Country Lodge in 2005, when she joined the housekeeping team. Her sparkling personality and knack for working with people was immediately recognised and she was promoted to front of house manager. That was until she fell in love with wine and honed her skills in the L’Avenir Cellardoor.

“I have always been very entrepreneurial. Whether it’s perfume, computers or Pinotage, trust me, I’ll sell it! The great part of working with wine is the authentic stories that we are able to tell. That’s probably why I specifically love our Single Block range”, explains Madelyn.

L'Avenir's most famous smile: Madelyn Lambrechts

Fiercely competitive, the naysayers that suggested she will not be able to make the step-up were her greatest motivation.  “To me, making the step up was a means of developing my career, enabling opportunities for not only myself, but also for my children, in terms of showing what can be done with real commitment and passion,” explains Madelyn. This commitment was reflected in Madelyn’s level two studies at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the wine industry. We miss the hustle and bustle on the farm and being able to engage from people from across the globe. However, it brought the L’AVenir team closer together. When we protested in Stellenbosch last week, the unity, camaraderie and spirit was amazing. We are facing these challenges as a team and are as committed as ever to succeed. L’Avenir doesn’t mean the future for nothing,” smiles Madelyn.

– Dr Edo Heyns