L’Avenir Spices up Stellenbosch Fire Department on Mandela Day

The fire fighters at the Stellenbosch Fire Department were treated to the L’Avenir Country Lodge’s famous bobotie for lunch on Mandela Day.

Ten years ago the United Nations officially declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day and encouraged citizens all over the world to spend 67 minutes in the service of others on the new annual international day in honour of the former South African president.

This year, the L’Avenir team decided to show it’s appreciation for the Stellenbosch Fire Department on Mandela Day. According to winemaker, Dirk Coetzee, the fire fighters embody values of commitment and determination. “Like wine makers, the fire fighters had to deal with the challenges of drought (and increased fire risk) over past number of years. We honour them for their bravery and unselfish commitment – especially on a day that Mandela’s legacy is celebrated,” said Dirk.

The head of Stellenbosch Fire Department, Wayne Smith, with the L’Avenir Country Lodge Bobotie.

The L’Avenir Country Lodge bobotie is a traditional South African dish, with strong Cape Malay culinary influences. It is a popular food pairing with L’Avenir’s Provenance Pinotage, with a fiery, sweet spiciness.

Mandela smiles at the Stellenbosch Fire Department.